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"Digital marketing professional with extensive online and digital experience, I have spent the last 7 years working in a number of marketing branding and advertising capacities."

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I have almost 3 years experience in digital advertising, my passion for digital advertising started when I created my own Shopify store.

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Social Media Marketing FAQs

Who is a freelance social media marketer?

A social media marketer is a person that uses social media platforms to promote or advertise a brand. Social media marketing is the art of using social media platforms as a medium of advertisements. Social media platforms are used to connect with your audience to build your brand, increase sales, and drive website traffic.

There are many ways of promoting a brand, product, or service on social media, requiring a lot of skills and expertise. The person in charge of curating and sharing promotional social media advertisement materials is a social media marketer.  

On the other hand, a freelance social media marketer is a self-employed individual who runs promotional social media campaigns for more than one employer or client. Their terms of work are mostly contractual and on a short-term basis. 

How do you get started as a freelance social media manager?

Before signing up clients, you must have had some experience of your own beforehand on how to deal with the various aspects of social media management. Create a solid community of your own. You should have a thriving social media presence, as this will enable you to understand the needs of the different groups of people and give you deeper insights into how to respond to comments, likes, shares, and how to create content craves. 

Enrolling in some online classes on social media management would help propel your career even further.

The next step is to search for clients, which might prove to be a little tricky at first but becomes easier once you get the hang of it. Apart from targeting individuals such as celebrities (upcoming ones, as the more established celebrities, probably have a team already), you should also scout for startups and businesses that do not have a vibrant social media presence but would greatly benefit from one. 

Taking charge of your personal time and finances is another often overlooked factor that determines whether you succeed as a freelancer or not. When managing several accounts for different clients, you ought to know how to allocate the right amount of time to your work and other personal matters. 

What does a freelance social media manager put in their portfolio?

Being a social media manager requires you to showcase your skills based on past projects. 

Here are some of the most important things a freelance social media manager needs to add to their portfolio:

  • Mention who the customer you worked with and what their ideal customer base was
  • What did the client need to achieve through social media? 
  • What strategies did you put in place to ensure that you achieve those goals?
  • What changes did you notice on the social media platforms since you took control of the pages? How many new followers did you get? How did audience engagement and conversion change afterward?
  • Did your work have any major boost towards the client’s business because of your campaigns?

How much should you charge as a freelance social media manager?

The amount you charge per client solely depends on two things: how much you are happy to earn and how much your clients are willing to pay. While it also depends on the goals of the client and how much input you need to make, always go for a price that’s scalable and sustainable.

For instance, if you want to charge only $100 per client, that may not be enough to sustain you. You will need at least 10 clients for you to hit the $1,000 mark. However, having such a high number of clients to handle on your own won’t be easy and you may end up doing substandard work. Ideally, you should be making more as a freelancer than being employed.

What are the best trends that freelance social media managers consider in 2021?

Social media marketing is an ever-changing landscape and new trends keep emerging every now and then. To be successful as a freelance social media manager, you need to keep tabs on all trends that would ensure that you yield the best results from your campaigns. Here are the best trends that freelance social media managers need to follow in 2021:

  • Utilizing influencer marketing
  • Diversifying social presence
  • Understanding the dominance of video content
  • Using interactive content on their platforms
  • Involving and making the audience an integral part of their marketing campaigns

What do employers consider before hiring a freelance social media manager? 

The one thing that most employers are after the most when hiring freelance social media managers is their expertise. Although educational background matters a lot, it doesn’t give the assurance that one is really good at their work. In this case, it would be prudent to have a solid portfolio that showcases your previous work and how your skill set would be beneficial in attaining client goals. 

Who is a freelance social media manager?

Unlike a social media marketer who only focuses on the promotional and advertisements aspects of a social media campaign, a social media manager is all-rounded and takes charge of everything within their client’s social media platforms. They begin by optimizing the social media pages, making them appealing to the target audience. They also ensure that all the content posted is relevant to the brand’s goals and that the audience resonates well with whatever’s posted or published to the platforms. 

Furthermore, social media managers are responsible for replying to messages and responding to comments made on their clients’ platforms. Apart from these and many other roles, social media managers also take charge of the marketing campaigns that the client wants to run. They create the marketing copies and will also determine which model and platform they should use. 

What types of software does a freelance social media manager need to invest in? 

A professional social media manager has three key types of software: the publishing software, the listening software, and a reporting tool

A publishing software will help you to schedule posts and automatically post them at a specific time, even when you’re not online. This will come in handy as the social media manager only needs to create a content strategy at the beginning of the week or month and much of that work will have been handled. An example of good publishing software is Coschedule.

A listening software basically does exactly that: it listens to what people are saying about your brand and notifies you immediately to take the appropriate course of action. An example of such is Hootsuite. With Hootsuite, you can set up social media streams that monitor conversations, keywords, mentions, and hashtags. You'll also be able to respond to conversations or mentions immediately from one dashboard—instead of going to a bunch of different social sites. 

The other important tool to add to your arsenal is a reporting tool. Although most of the tools that fall under the publishing and listening category offer a reporting capability, you can also rely on the statistics and analytics provided by the respective social media platforms. 

What are the primary skills you need as a freelance social media manager?

 Knowing how to interact with followers and posting relevant content aren’t the only required skills needed to be a successful freelance social media manager. Other skills needed include:

  • The ability to run and manage ads on major social media platforms
  • An understanding of how to create engaging content
  • A general understanding of digital marketing. You ought to know about stuff like click funnels, pipelines, conversion optimization, etc. 
  • Basic graphic design skills. 
  • Basic video editing skills. 
  • An understanding of analytics

What are the most important metrics to measure during a social media campaign? 

The most important metrics to track on a social media campaign are leads and engagement. When hiring a social media manager, you might be impressed by a huge fan following that they might have garnered for your brand since they joined the team. But will the huge number of followers make any positive impact on your business? This is why the two most important metrics to measure during a social media campaign are leads and engagement. 

Leads mean the number of people that actively show interest in your work (services or products). On the other hand, engagement stands for how active your followers are to respond to, comment, like, and share your content. This would be an excellent way to determine whether your target audience finds your content helpful.

What do freelance social media managers consider before taking up a job? 

Before you say yes to a project, there are a couple of things that may need straightening out first. For starters, it would be prudent to inquire from the client on what their goals are, what their preferred brand voice is, and how they would like their brand to be seen by the outside world. 

You should also inquire about a pre-set budget allocation for social media campaigns, just so as to have a clear picture of what to advise the client on the next course of action.